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Descriptions for our wines are below the order form.  Our bottle prices include all taxes and the bottle deposit.



Order: Our shipping cases hold 6 bottles.
Wine Price # Bottles
2018 Chardonnay VQA   $20.00  
2018 Viognier VQA   $29.00  
2018 Riesling VQA   $19.00  
2018 Gewurztraminer VQA   $19.00  
2019 Golden White   $25.00  
2018 Almost Red VQA   $19.00  
2018 Pinot Noir VQA   $27.00  
2018 Gamay VQA   $19.00  
2018 Cabernet Franc VQA   $20.00  
2019 Maple Red   $25.00  
Click to send your order. When we receive your order we will contact you to arrange shipping and payment options.

We have complementary delivery to the Ottawa area weekly (or anywhere along the 401 corridor between the County and Ottawa) on orders of 6 bottles or more. In the rest of southern Ontario we have complementary shipping on orders of 12 bottles or more.

We can legally ship to anywhere in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia. All other provinces have restrictions in place.


Chardonnay VQA (2018) - $20.00

Spine-tingling citrus, coconut and pineapple on the nose. Mouth-wateringly fresh and smooth with orange and butter at the front and a toffee finish. No oak has ever touched this lovely wine.
LCBO Availability

Viognier VQA (2018) - $29.00

This rare grape has a lovely orange blossom and honeysuckle nose. Full of bright tropical flavours.

Gewurztraminer VQA (2018) - $19.00

Beautifully aromatic and hard to pronounce. Rose petal and lychee on the nose. A softly-structured wine with a touch of sweet spice right at the end.
LCBO Availability

Riesling VQA (2018) - $19.00

The nose highlights pear and green apple with hints of apricot. A racy finish with steely minerality and a smidge of sweetness.
LCBO Availability

Golden White (2019) - $25.00

Our unique blend of Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and Chardonnay - taken to the next level. This blend has been infused with maple syrup (close to 3%). Like the Maple Red, chill and serve with a nice plate of cheese with dessert. This wine is semi-sweet.

Almost Red VQA (2018) - $19.00

Lots of refreshing raspberry, strawberry and kiwi flavours. Fruity yet off-dry makes this the ideal summer sipper.

Maple Red (2019) - $25.00

We infused our Cabernet Franc with maple syrup (almost 2% syrup). Chill this one a bit and serve with a nice plate of cheese with dessert.

Pinot Noir VQA (2018) - $27.00

An exceptional light-bodied red. Aromas of cinnamon and allspice mingling with accents of forest floor. An enticing palate which is smooth and dry with a cherry and raspberry finish.

Gamay VQA (2018) - $19.00

Wonderful cranberry and crushed black pepper nose. Surprisingly fruity and smooth given its lively and refreshing acidity.
LCBO Availability

Cabernet Franc VQA (2018) - $20.00

Raspberry and hints of leather followed by juicy acidity showcasing red berry and plum. Firm yet forgiving tannins with a smooth mouth-feel.
LCBO Availability

This page was last updated: Tuesday June 2nd, 2019